Let us Help You Bury the Bad Marketing Advice that is Costing You...

Time, Money and Your Will to Live!

What Every Business Owner Ought To Know About Brand Based Advertising

The advertising industry has for years spread the lie that you need to get Your “Business Name Out There”

They do this for two main reasons…

  1.  It’s great for their cash – flow as month after month you have to continually pay to advertise with them.
  2. You can’t hold them accountable as there is no way to measure their results.

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When queried why it’s not working the typical response they give you (after you have paid them yet again for another month where you haven’t made any sales) is…

You need to do more of it (Getting your name out there)

What they are actually saying is, what we did for you this month didn’t work, so let’s do even more of it next month.

By continuing to spread the lie that you need to get your name out there, it makes their life easy, and their pockets full. With your money!

The Potent Marketing Podcast Community is all about sharing with you simple, smart ,effective marketing strategies that will drive down your advertising costs, whilst boosting your sales.

Long story short, we are here to help you…


Bury the Bad Marketing Advice that is Costing You Time, Money and Your Will To Live!

Now you may be thinking, Beanie and Alistair you run a Free Podcast, so why are you charging for this?

    1. It personal, you get to talk live with us a least once a month.
    2. When People Pay they pay Attention. We only want people ready to take action inside this community.
    3. We have families to feed. Terrible we know but yes, we do make a living out of teaching people how to better market their business.

We want you to pay attention and get results.

In fact if you are really paying attention you should make back your investment for joining the community before your first month is over. Membership to the Community is going up to $497.00 for Six Months, which (if you pay attention) is an absolute bargain.

But if you are on this page right now

It means you have sat through our live training, and you are entitled to the special price (You get a $1 trial for seven days) of $37.00 per month. That price remains locked in for you as long as you stay a member. You can leave any time you like, in fact  this is our…  


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Iron Clad Guarantee

If during your first 30 days membership you are unhappy for any reason at all, simple email us and we will refund your money no questions asked.

Here is what you are going to get…

  • Live monthly training with marketing strategies that you can use immediately, to make more money.
  • Live Q & A at the end of each training session. If you have a particular problem bring it along, and we will help you find a solution.
  • Access to a Private Facebook Group where you can ask us for advice on any of your marketing.

Here is what you need to do next…

To take a look inside the community, simple click on the Paypal below. Pay your $1.00 for your Seven Day Trial Membership, and you will be sent immediate access.


Click here to Get the Early Bird Discount When The Community Reopens


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